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Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value Rs. 60.39 Million approx. / 6.03 Crore approx.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 30388520
Closing Date 06 - Aug - 2019  |  167 Days to go View Tender Details
Villupuram-Tiruchchirappalli chord line section: Construction of subway with pre-cast RCC box in lieu of various manned Level crossings at LC No.149 and 203.
Sector Recreational Services Tender Value Rs. 7.26 Lakh
Location Rajasthan - India Ref.No 29751035
Closing Date 21 - Jun - 2019  |  121 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing and Fixing Interlocking concrete Block from Bhim saini Plot to H/o Rakesh Fouji (LBS Schhol Road)Ward No 27 Bhadra.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 33748961
Closing Date 15 - Apr - 2019  |  54 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of spares for mi25/35 - anti torque rotor, beam, hydraulic pipeline, air starter, booster hyd, miniature vertical gyro, accessory drive gear box, flap & mechanism, exhaust pipe, fan drive cardon shaft, control and indicator, rack from aco-2b crdu set, nose landing gear actuating/ retracting cylinder, vcr, combined control unit (booster), hydraulic booster, pulse shaper, amplification and switiching unit of asp 17 v aiming sight, inclinometer, transceiver of r-828, antenna for yadro-1i ~ .
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 33626267
Closing Date 08 - Apr - 2019  |  47 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of mi-17 spares - ac sheet 2.5x1200x2000mm, socket, contactor (button), socket, plug, receptacle, plug, socket, two ternminal toggle switch, sleeve (pts), turn bukle, stopper, bracket, elbow, branch, pipe, cardan, pipe, branch, clamp, receptacle, socket, receptable, bracket vibration pickup, hyd pipeline, clamp, clamp, pipe, pipe, hyd pipe, fire cable loom, cable, annunciator, flood light, projection light, bridge, dimmer control box, turn buckle, button, connector, instrument plug (resistance, temperature led, plug, tail navigation led bulb, green navigation led bulb, red navigation led bulb, anti collision led bulb, cable, holder, clamp, tag terminal 3mm, insert, plug socket, socket, connector, plug, socket, hose, jacket, clamp, clamp, bracket, seal, yoke, metal clamp, elect report tail roter, clamp, pipe, heat shrinking marking sleeve ½”, heat shrinking marking sleeve 1 ½”, rf cable (tx), block terminal, button, block, socket, female connector, profile d16t (pr-102-8), duralu profile shps pr100-1, profile (100-57), profile (100-16), profile (101-22 d16t), profile (101-30), profile (101-39), profile (102-32), profile 2-37, duralu prf shps d16t pr102-2, profile (pr-105-11), profile (pr-105-18), profile d16t (pr-111-30), duraluminium shapes d16t profile 112-5, profile (pr-113-1), profile (d16t pr-113-10), profile d16t/e37, titanium 0.8mm, profile pr 100-01, plug, capacitor, chain, profile d16t-pr-57, crush washer, receptacle v, receptacle, connector ~ .
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana - India Ref.No 33713552
Closing Date 28 - Mar - 2019  |  36 Days to go View Tender Details
Fabrication of rcc target blocks ~ m48
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 33557079
Closing Date 20 - Mar - 2019  |  28 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of part no scrap02n c i boring with trace of oil & coolant, part no.scrap38 damaged defaced c.i.casting scrap, part no scrap01n-steel turning and boring scrap, scrap defaced auto components & warranty garage scrap of all types of material with iron/ steel/ rubber etc including all types of cables (except electrical cables, aluminium parts & aluminium casting material), scrap process damaged / scrapped in complete sheet metal parts in defaced condition. mode and extend of defacing of the above said item will be at the discretion of the company, : iron & steel scrap both heavy and light e.g. structural steel, bailing strips / tor steel used (mangled, bent, twisted all dias and of any length), pipes including fittings of pipes e.g. bends, collars etc of gi/ steel/ mix alloy of all sizes & lengths which can be accommodated in a truck, metallic pallets / bins, all types of fabricated items & left over pieces during fabrication. steel wires, scraped g i sheets, cut m.s. shelves & storing bins, m.s. fittings at the end of rubber pipes, m.s.nut-bolts/ washers/screws. scrap top and bottom sheet, packing steel sheet cover of steel sheet bundles, scrap c.i. lumps from foundry with or without slag, moulding boxes, conveyor, dies, machinery parts, steel items, lead locks of tyres, (including rejected machines not covered under capital goods) and other excisable items, scrap corrugated/cardboard boxes, wooden scrap, industrial refuse, carbon paper, cotton waste, packing grass/packing waste/all type of packing material such as thermocole pieces, of jute bags, stationery items, gunny bags/hessian cloth and its pcs, coir pcs, broken glass of all types, damaged/cut/coated buckets/baskets/ carboys /drums(metal or plastic) with or without top & bottom lids , empty tea boxes, bins, biscuit tins, bottles & rubber cuttings, burnt coke, broken cement drain pipes, aprons, all types scrapped/used /discarded/f & os items such as spectacles, goggles, face shield, hand gloves. all types of scrapped rubber/ fibre glass items generated from store or any other sources in our plant with soil or putty coating. broken bakelite items with or without metal contactor, broken pots, slightly cut/ damaged/ warn tyres (which can’t be disposed off through regular tyre lot i.e.scrap47) of company used vehicles, saw dust (lakadi bhusa), small wooden clips, burnt/black/white ant eaten wooden planks, used tea leaves, gunny. used empty glass bottles, broken glass pieces cloth pcs. used hand gloves without oil soaked like cotton, leather, broom, brushes and other refuse accumulating every day, all types rubber sheets, bags, torn & damaged corrugated boxes, waste papers, cut carboys, sheets, straws, torn gunny bags, cloth pcs. as is whre is basis/discarded/f & os items such as spectacles, goggles, face shield, all types of scrap rubber/ plastics/ pvc/ fibre glass items, scrap of any other rubber/ plastic any other items generated from store or any other sources in our plant, with soil or putty coating or any other coating metal other than copper/al/brass dust/chura generated when gas cutting, packing boxes strips of plastic / metallic, broken plastic/ bakelite items with or without metal contactor, scrap/ broken/ unbroken grinding wheels of any type/ sizes, electrical scrap such as panels (ms/al/gi body parts), switch boards , electric motors,electrical power/oil capacitors, thermostat , electronic scrapped , fixture,starter, tube light, blub, flurocent lamps, clf bulb, fuse, & other electronic items ~ etc.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value Rs. 98.34 Thousand approx.
Location Karnataka - India Ref.No 33676005
Closing Date 18 - Mar - 2019  |  26 Days to go View Tender Details
Construction of concrate slab infront of pure water unit ~ near kalabhairava temple
Sector Power Plant Tender Value Rs. 1.48 Million approx. / 14.80 Lakh approx.
Location West Bengal - India Ref.No 33599928
Closing Date 16 - Mar - 2019  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Total renewal of asbestos sheet and repairing and painting ~ of go-down no-9 at ktps.
Sector Civil Works Tender Value Rs. 6.85 Million approx. / 68.50 Lakh approx.
Location Mizoram - India Ref.No 33694295
Closing Date 16 - Mar - 2019  |  24 Days to go View Tender Details
Replacement of bailey type unit bridge (2 x 8.00 mtr span) by rcc box cell ~ on the sonaicharri cherra from sonaichari adc village to rajarambari via chandi tripura house at ch 0.130 km under hrishyamukh rd block under ridf xxiv of nabard
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value Rs. 1.00 Million approx. / 10.01 Lakh approx.
Location West Bengal - India Ref.No 33363208
Closing Date 15 - Mar - 2019  |  23 Days to go View Tender Details
Earth filling in the playground of ramnagar colony and construction of concrete cover slab on the drain ~ beside the nutun diner surya club under ward no 06.
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